British Sociological Association (BSA) Annual Conference 2021 (online) (15 April 2021)

Matt delivered findings from our CILIA LGBTQI+ lifecourse interviews, and Matt and Andy’s upcoming book chapter, exploring the concept of ‘Queer Generations’. Here we outlined how LGBTQI+ lives present a challenge to traditional and normative ways of thinking about social generations and the historical events understood to define them. We also present an alternative approach – conceptualising queer generational cohorts as emerging at the intersection between formative queer historical events, such as the Stonewall riots, and meaningful stages/processes in the queer lifecourse, such as ‘coming out’. 

CILIA England presentation at DIAL workshop (3 December 2020)

Matt Hall and Andrew King presented at the DIAL Workshop about institutional influences on inequalities across the life-course. Matt and Andrew’s presentation was called ‘LGBTQI Workplace Inequalities: An exploration using agent-based modelling’

Framing Ageing Webinar – Workshop 1 (27 October 2020)

Andrew gave a presentation at this online workshop entitled “Coming far, getting somewhere? The current concerns and future challenges facing older LGTB+ people”. The presentation drew on work Andrew had co-authored with Professor Kathryn Almack, University of Hertfordshire, but also included his reflections on more recent themes emerging from the findings of the CILIA-LGBTQI+ England project.

Wellcome Trust Generations Network (online) (10 September 2020)

Matthew and Andrew gave a presentation at this interdisciplinary network of academics entitled, “Queering Generations – Observations from LGBTQI+ Lives England interviews”.

A response to the paper by the organisers can be found here

DIAL Summer School, Turku (online) (17-19 August 2020)

Sait gave a presentation based on the soon to be published article ‘Job Satisfaction and Sexual Orientation in Britain’.

Covid-19 – Reframing Ageing (online webinar) (12 June 2020)

Andrew spoke at this online event attended by an international audience of over 120 people. Andrew’s presentation focused on how contemporary representations of COVID-19 in the UK have side-lined older LGBT+ people, reproducing cisheteronormative tropes around ageing and instituting a chrononormative view of the life course.

A link to the webinar can be found here

East Midlands Housing LIN, Birmingham (6 November 2019)

Andrew was invited to give a talk to health, housing and social care providers about the challenges faced by LGBT people in relation to housing. Andrew spoke about the CILIA-LGBTQI+ project too, asking people to help spread the call for participants and why taking an intersectional life course approach to LGBTQI+ research is important.

Thanet 50+ LGBT Group, Kent (27 June 2019)

Andrew was invited to give a talk about Older LGBT people and their concerns about housing. Andrew also spoke about the CILIA-LGBTQI+ project and asked if anyone would like to participate.

Focus on LGBTIQ Seniors Conference, Amsterdam (26 April 2019)

Andrew was invited to give a keynote talk at the pan-European ‘Focus on LGBTIQ Seniors’ conference in Amsterdam. Andrew talked about the unique challenges faced by older LGBTQI+ people as they get older. The conference was attended by an international audience of over 150 LGBTQI+ people and community organisations, plus a few academics. Andrew was able to share some of the initial findings of the literature and survey mapping undertaken by the CILIA-LGBTQI+ England team, especially the lack of studies about ageing and intersex people.

A video about the conference is available here

DIAL workshop on labour market inequalities, Turku (15-16 November 2018)

We were delighted to make two presentations at the recent DIAL workshop on labour market inequalities at the University of Turku, Finland. Andrew, Peter and Sait, from the England team, outlined how agent-based modelling is currently being used on the CILIA-LGBTQI+ project to think about the relationship between different levels of LGBTQ+ workplace inclusivity and career progression. Cristina and Rita, from the CILIA-LGBTQI+ Portugal team, provided a thought-provoking presentation on the heterocisnormative glass ceiling, using studies they’ve identified from their literature and survey reviews.

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