LGBTQI+ Lives in England


LGBTQI+ Lives in England is part of a larger project called CILIA-LGBTQI+ which is investigating the lives and experiences of LGBTQI+ people from diverse communities in four European countries: England, Scotland, Portugal and Germany. The project is seeking to understand how inequalities, discrimination and prejudice related to gender identity, sexual identity (sexual orientation) and / or intersex status vary and intersect with others, such as social class, ethnicity, citizenship status, health status, disability, age, religion and geographical location across the course of people’s lives.

The project is using existing statistics, policy and legal document analysis and interviewing LGBTQI+ people to get a better understanding of these issues. The broad findings will be shared with other academics and key stakeholders such as policy makers, charities and NGOs and LGBTQI+ organisations through reports, publications, conference presentations, social media, and knowledge exchange activities. The findings will also be shared with LGBTQI+ community members through social and community media platforms and public engagement activities.

LGBTQI+ Lives in England, the English part of CILIA-LGBTQI+ is being conducted by members of the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey. You can click on ‘Meet the Team’ to learn more about us.


Further information on the project, including links to partners in Scotland, Germany and Portugal, can be found here.